26 décembre 2008

the Butcher [Inside Out]

the Butcher has
freezer bloodshot eyes
and a white overall
with a map of nowhere.

the Butcher swears
the Butcher swore
he will love me.
butch-er hust-ler
has an husky groan
slaver for the whore
I ended to be.

the Butcher said
he will nurish me
and I never paid
as it was for free.

the Butcher has
an odd seawolf smile
as he sizes and sees
my pieces of meat
fresh fresh knuckles
he knows he'll meet
my chattering knees
our all greedy needs.

And I trusted a butcher
I wanted to believe
He loves me, truely.
beneath the apron he
minces the blind mices
but the chopper affraid, me, butcher.

the Butcher says
that he will have me
and my sister
and I beg him
over and over.

the Butch-Butcher has
arms to clasp and clutch
and a new born paunch
he wants me so much.

the Butcher sneezes
and sweatly gaspes
as he unlaces
my woolen stockings.

He knows I'm starving
a willing orphan
my too bony chest
full of coal and banned
under the gruff beast.

the Butcher had me
and I don't give a damn
Hung [inside] out with a man
who evicerates. [inside, out]
I'm not a lady, the butcher had me
I'm not a lady, the butcher had me.

There's not a gut left. [skin inside out]

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